Rice Paper Rolls

Hey guys! Welcome to my very first blog post!  Today I wanted to give you this recipe that I’ve been loving the past couple of weeks.  My sister, a couple months ago, became gluten, egg and dairy free and so rice paper rolls have become a regular in our home.

We usually have these rolls at lunch time but you could totally eat them for dinner or just one for a healthy snack!

Rice Paper
1 Cucumber
1 Carrot
1 Avocado
Pad Thai Noodles
Shredded Barbecue Chicken
Bean sprouts
Soy Sauce (optional)
Sweet Chilli Sauce (optional)


1. Slice cucumber into thin slices
2. Peel the carrot into strips

3. Cut Avocado in half

4. Boil water then pour into a bowl and add the Pad Thai Noodles.  Leave them to soak for 6 mins.

5. Fill a dish with hot water then dip the Rice Paper in for only 5 seconds

6. Place the Rice paper on your plate then add all ingredients in a small bunch in the middle

7.  Fold over the sides of the rice paper, then repeat with the top and bottom to make a little package

8.  Enjoy with soy + sweet chilli sauce! 🙂